can kiss my.ass

Can I just say…the website is the most convoluted, irrational and ridiculous  typical military website I have ever come across. And of course, it is precisely what I need to rely on to arrange my pack-outs and household goods arrival. Seriously. It is the alpha and omega of the PCS. In the course of a few minutes, I have already managed to be denied access 3 times and locked out of our account. Fan-friggin-tastic, hm? Doesn’t bode well, does it? Mind you, the reason FOR the block: password/log in info is (supposedly) incorrect. So, okay, I can get that. My Sea Monkey has madskills with the password madness. Eleventy- thousand  characters, some combination of Caps, lowers, symbols, Cyrillic, Aramaeic, and a language twins teach each other. I do NOT have those same skills, and indeed, can seldom even copy his p-words correctly. I’m sure I probably DID plunk something in wrong… Highly likely, in fact. So to lock me out for security’s sake, makes sense. I get that.  However– this ‘uber-secure’ website, when trying to log in, (using IE or Firefox only…No Chrome here!.. that should have been my first clue..) tells you to disable your pop-up blocker. SO, what you’re trying to say is ‘turn off your security,’ now log in, but oh damn, wrong password, we don’t think you are secure. Gee, thanks .mil….

I was looking forward to scratching this task (schedule the Unaccompanied Baggage pack out) off my to-do list today. So much for plan A… :/

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