MrsUSN Keeps a Blog, Take 2. Or 3.

So, it doesn’t take much to notice the HUGE gap between my posts… especially my last post and this. This says more about me than about my time here in HI so! I fail hard at addiction, by which I mean, I can’t develop a habit (addiction) to save my life: namely– Blogging. I apologize for my inconsistency, and will try to update this better. New year, new habits, blahblahblah. 😉

Well, since we last left off…(Cliff note version to catch you up!) We moved out of the hotel (after maxing out our allowed time there, due to our new place being renovated!). We found a rental house out in Ewa Beach at the “Waterfront At Puu’loa” … which then became the “Kapilina Beach Homes.”
We did a lot of research and despite the negative reviews, gave it a shot, mostly because, well … with 2 dogs it’s tough to find a place in Oahu! We are glad we did. WHen we first arrived, our orginal plan was to get a townhouse (more room), but when we drove out to actually SEE it– we felt cramped. Not in the house (which felt HUGE) but in the neighborhood layout. The townhouses are all located in cul de sacs, which gives a very claustrophobic feeling, to us anyway. We also found that the ‘fenced in yard’ that looked so big online and in the brochure- was SO.SMALL. Not even worth it. So, on a lark, we asked if there were any flats (single floor houses) available.
They let us look at a duplex and we really liked the floorplan, but were concerned with the shared wall (Oliver can get barky). SO, figuring we had nothing to lose- we pushed alittle harder : “Any SINGLE flats available?” (SO brass ring!) As luck (fate?) would have it: they had one that was JUST being vacated, and if we could wait a month for the renovation= it could be ours! BUT WAIT! IT GETS BETTER!!! The house in question? Only had a neighbor on one side (on the other side of the carport), a big gorgeous plumeria tree (that we later put our hammock under) and was only a few doors up from the dog-friendly beach! Yes, that’s right: we got a house close to the beach. Like, walk your dog every night or take your coffee there in the morning close. Seriously. THAT close. We were in love. (Still are!) 🙂

2015-09-19-06-52-30-320 2015-09-19-06-43-05-091  2015-09-19-06-55-40-295

2015-09-19-06-30-16-439-1 2015-09-19-06-25-49-423

2015-09-19-06-43-57-023 2015-09-19-06-34-23-236

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