Who in the world is Mrs.USN and what does she have to do with Sea Monkeys? (I think Sea Monkeys & shenanigans are synonymous, so I’m not going to even bother explaining that part..)

Mrs.USN is married to a Sea Monkey. In his time he has climbed all over ships masts, sides of ships, and more than a few nerves I’m sure. But- he’s good at it. Hence the Monkey. Sea Monkey? Well…  ok, I was thinking of the toy “Pet Sea Monkey!” they used to shill out of the back of Archie comic books. Remember the one? It was supposed to be a tank full of entertainment and adventure, with special mag-lenses so you could have the best view of it all! But nobody really bought it…

Well. I bought it. I got my own Sea Monkey, have had it for about 11 years now and can confirm: the entertainment and adventure may have been a bit over-stated. 😉 The ad never warned me how much these things eat! Never told me how seldom I would actually SEE him, and never told me that no matter how much you  enjoy each others company– it’s never for long.

As for Mrs.USN– in my pre-USN life, I was still in the USN life. Raised by a pair of sailors, my passport had more stamps by age 6 than some peoples do in a lifetime. I could say “hello, goodbye, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, please, thank you, excuse me, I’m sorry and “I’m an American, please take me to the embassy!” in several languages. I could identify all the landmarks of Europe at age 4, but was convinced that photos of the White House must have been taken somewhere in Italy. True Story.  I was raised by sailors, but was still encouraged to run off to Art School,  worked in galleries and museums and enjoyed wearing any of my eleventy-thousand black-dresses to attend gallery openings where I could chat about art with others. Then I met the Sea Monkey… All it took was one date, before he declared “I’m going to marry her.” I took a leap of faith, threw a suitcase in my car and moved to VA to be near him. Within a month of that- we were living together. Next month- he got THE ring. A week later- proposed. We eloped 3 mos later. And again– this was 11 yrs ago, so don’t say it’s doomed. 😉  Since that time, I’ve traded my black dresses for wash & wear and now (unknowingly) accessorize with bits of tempera paint or glued on construction paper. It’s a different world…

So, why the blog?

Well- we’ve got orders.

I know, I know, “HE has the orders…!” (eye-roll) Shut up. He & I are a package deal. When HE was told “You’re heading to HI.” He came home and told me “WE have orders! We’re going to HI!” Amazingly though, that’s where the WE ended. (Or became royal…?) HE went to school. I (royal We?) am left to handle everything involved in this move cross country, and across the ocean, with 2 dogs, 2 cars, and a house to offload along the way. While working. Oy friggin vey. Pass the wine. Whine. Wine. It’s a crazy life, but it’s ours and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. So next chapter is beginning: we are moving to Hawaii. I am moving to Hawaii– he is meeting us there. :/ (See how that HE has orders becomes WE have orders? ) Anyhow, this blog is just my way of keeping my thoughts straight, sanity nearby, and document the crazy process involved in this yardsale of a life.

So hold fast, because here we go…

❤ Mrs.USN

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