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Time for a SITREP

So, Friday was a SeaMonkeyMobile Marathon. My morning began at 7, with a hot date at Safe-Lite Glass to have some chips filled in his windshield. Windshield repair went smoothly (though, stepping ankle deep in a puddle afterward, sure made me shake my head!) Next up was getting his car cleaned and detailed. I ended up finding a place to get his car done, but oh wow. It was pretty funny… Keep in mind, I chose it because of it’s close proximity to the VPC…So it HAD to be CLOSE. Car could NOT get dirty between there and VPC. (Hawaiian import rules: no dirt ANYWHERE on or in your stuff) Of course.. it was pouring out. :-/ Of course. So I went to this place. This is the ‘waiting room.’

It was– a dive. It was a hole in the wall front, and a single bay garage in the back The garage looked like a personal garage (crap EVERYWHERE), I was greeted by Mr/Ms. AlexA. (you figure that one out). I will say– his makeup was MUCH better than mine… He (She?) reminded me, 100% of LaFayette from True Blood. Seriously!!! Do-Rag, scarf, makeup and all!!) Detailing the car took almost 2 hours, in which time I got to listen to Mister Sister wailing along with Whitney, Beyonce, and Mariah. Trust me– you had to be there. End result was good though, car was clean, and I had PLENTY of time to get to the VPC which was only just on the other side of the same plaza I was in! 😀 WIN! (Finally!)

The VPC process…

Oh man. VPC is supposed to be for ‘Vehicle Processing Center’ though I think “Vast Paperwork Created” works too. When you go to VPC, plan to carve out 2-3 hours for that process (no joke) and double check your paperwork before you go!! Fleet and Family had given me a couple papers on what was needed (a hitlist, if you will). However, QUESTION EVERYTHING. GO TO THE SOURCE. Go to the (it will redirect you to a more secure site) and make sure you have everything listed on it’s website. Navy tells you ‘bring 4-5 copies of orders’– VPC asks for *7* copies of orders. (See how your day could be ruined by not taking time to double check??), proof of his windshield repair (since chips were still visible), registration, inspection, etc…OH! And– here’s where I almost got screwed: a SPECIAL POA for the vehicle!!! I have a General POA (General, as in ‘All encompassing’. General as in “I could sell him to the Sandanistas or enlist him in the Foreign Legion” but apparently NOT General as in “I can ship his %^^&* car to his next duty station…”) for the Sea Monkey, but that isn’t good enough. This POA must also have his VIN number specified, my name on there, etc. Anyhow, car gets inspected (as does driver…groan! “Are those contacts or are your eyes naturally that gorgeous..?” ) Inspector spent most of his time hitting on me– though that ended when he got to the trunk. Inside the trunk of the Toaster (our name for the SeaMonkey Mobile– it’s a Scion XB) was the weirdest damn assortment of things. In his trunk, was a cargo net, 2 glow sticks, a roll of duct tape,  and a Marlin Spike. Of course. A Marlin Spike. NATURALLY. All inappropriate comments ended then and there. 😉

Car was immaculate, my paperwork was in order (and I had even made 6 copies of EVERYTHING, so that was good!), inspection was done and I finally got out the door. Sea Monkey Mobile is now en route to it’s new home in HI, and they tell me it “should arrive @ April 11” — a few days before I arrive, which would save me the trouble (and expense!) of a rental vehicle. Sweeeeeeet…..

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TGIF!… er… sorta….

I say ‘sorta’ because it has come to my attention (bastardly calendar..) I have 3 weekends, including this one, until mid Feb. Mid-Feb. Holy Cannoli…Mid-Feb is the next biggie deadline. 1st biggie was end of Nov: 120 day OIE/FAVN test for the dogs. In the next 3 weeks, I need to get his car RTG (oil changed, inspected, windshield replaced, washed, vacc’ed and delivered to the Port/shipping place) AND our UB (Unaccompanied baggage= express packout: stuff we’ll need ASAP upon arrival). Not HORRIBLE  I guess, but a little intimidating on top of still working full time, hanging the art show next week, continuing the household purge, and (shudder) cleaning out the garage. I stumbled on the following cartoon– and oh hell yes. It speaks the truth. He has (his name on) the orders, but I have to follow them. QUICK! Cue IZ singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow!” 


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