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TGIF!… er… sorta….

I say ‘sorta’ because it has come to my attention (bastardly calendar..) I have 3 weekends, including this one, until mid Feb. Mid-Feb. Holy Cannoli…Mid-Feb is the next biggie deadline. 1st biggie was end of Nov: 120 day OIE/FAVN test for the dogs. In the next 3 weeks, I need to get his car RTG (oil changed, inspected, windshield replaced, washed, vacc’ed and delivered to the Port/shipping place) AND our UB (Unaccompanied baggage= express packout: stuff we’ll need ASAP upon arrival). Not HORRIBLE¬† I guess, but a little intimidating on top of still working full time, hanging the art show next week, continuing the household purge, and (shudder) cleaning out the garage. I stumbled on the following cartoon– and oh hell yes. It speaks the truth. He has (his name on) the orders, but I have to follow them. QUICK! Cue IZ singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow!”¬†


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