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Go home widget, you are drunk.

So, it has been brought to my attention (thanks ma..!) that my calendar widget is incorrect. Huh? Yeah. I plunked in my fly-date (April 14) and yet somehow, it’s telling me I have 2 months. 2 months?! Um. Let’s not shortchange me by a single day! I need every second I’ve got! At this point, I DO know that I have less than 60 days until pack-out. Our HHG (household goods) will leave during mid-March. Now, between here and there, is a whole lotta everything that has to happen. Including our UB (unaccompanied baggage- or ‘Express’) pack out. That is supposed to happen about a month ahead if the biggie– so, mid-Feb. as in: 3 weeks from now. Holy #%^^*+%#. So, in the next 3 weeks, aside from work, getting my re-certification stuff squared up, hanging my students citywide exhibit, prepping and shipping the SeaMonkeyMobile, and tossing miscellaneous crap- I need to have our UB RTG. In 3 weeks.

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