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HOW could I have done this…?

Really. HOW? HOW in the world could I have crossed off SO much stuff on my January/February to-do list for this move, if it weren’t for the last 2 weeks of Snow Days?! 😀

Seriously. In the last 2 weeks, I have only been to work twice- and both were half days due to the weather. It’s been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. With a capital ZING.  In the last 2 weeks, I have managed to firm up our move (Both DD1299 and DD1787 have been submitted and confirmed), set our HHG packout, our UB Packout, double checked and confirmed flight info for me and the 2 pups, confirmed hotel reservation in Honolulu (finding Pet Friendly accommodations means PLAN AHEAD!!! We are using Navy Lodge on Ford Island), visited Fleet & Family for some more ‘heads up’ info (regarding pack out, unpacking, assessing our movers, etc), hired the Pet Mover (FYI: Island Pet Movers), and called San Diego about ‘Opportune Sea Lift’ for my vehicle. After speaking with the gentleman I reached, I decided against using it. OSL is a VERY cheap way of getting your car to the island, BUT (and it’s a big But–heh heh..) there is NO way of knowing when your vehicle will arrive. HUH? Yeah. So, imagine paying $250 to ship your car (such a deal!) but then the car may not show up for 6 mos. How much would a rental vehicle cost you in that interim?? Penny wise-Pound foolish. Scrimping on one end, willl end up costing you more on the other end. So, I’m looking at hiring Pasha (based on reviews I’ve read) to ship my car from San Diego to HI. It will run me about $2100 BUT (another big but! lol) it will be on island within a week. Which means… only a week of a rental vehicle. Since I want to (need to…) find a job on the island, I need my car. So- $2100 it is.  (**reminder: SAVE RECEIPTS!!! What the Navy won’t reimburse, you can claim on your taxes as moving-related expenses!)

Next up on my hitlist: Continue trashing/donating everything that is striking me as clutter or less-than-vital. EVERYTHING.  Scrub my house down and make it look nice, because I have a hot date with a Property Manager on Friday. He’s coming out to have a look at the house, tell me what he can offer me, answer my questions, etc. If all goes well, I may have him on Payroll by the end of the day. Which then means, I have crossed off: Movers, Flights, Pet Movers, HI Accommodations, Vehicle shipping arrangements, and House off my list. Pretty much, anyway… 😉  What still needs to happen of course- is I have to get his car ready to go in the next week or two, and get it gone. I have to have everything ready for the UB Packout on Valentines Day. (*Prior to that is getting both bikes re-conditioned so they are RTG with the UB, so we can ride our bikes in HI while waiting for our HHG to arrive) Whew!

So, there’s that. This is where I’m at. Sitting at the computer, instead of hurricaning through my house and tossing stuff in the trash/donate bags.  This WILL happen today.

But for now? I’m indulging a bit in some procrastination. Today is my one year Cancerversary. I have made it one year cancer free, and honestly? I kinda just want to take it all in and enjoy that simple life-changing fact. 🙂

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